Jack Alving, Henry Fey and Mia Scarpa and Give Us a “Three4One”

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GGLA has one of the best shows in LA at the moment that we hope you can catch before it comes down this week, featuring a fantastic trio of artists that have been on our radar in 2024. GIFTWORX three4one is a group exhibition by Los Angeles based artists Jack Alving, Henry Fey and Mia Scarpa. Within an immersive installation that converts the gallery space to the feel of a dollar store or smoke shop, the divisions between art and commerce, good taste and bad, and authenticity and artifice are all blurred and called into question. Pedestals emblazoned with Mountain Dew logos hold ceramic vessels, battered shelving units display a mixture of paintings and other objects, a trompe l’oeil sticker machine demands…

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