Inspiring Wildlife Winning Photos From The Drone Photo Awards 2023

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1st Place: Sleeping Giant by Dhanu Paran

Discover the fascinating world of nature via the 20 breathtaking winning images from the Drone Photo Awards.

The astounding and unparalleled beauty and diversity of the animal species on our planet are showcased in these striking photographs, which were taken from a unique aerial perspective.

The most significant competition in the world for aerial photography and video is called Drone Awards. This is a Siena Awards project that aims to highlight a distinct type of photography that is purposefully kept apart from traditional photography.

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2nd Place: Sorry Sight by Lalith Ekanayake

Highly Commended: Gathering in Gold Harbour by Renato Granieri

Highly Commended: Paving the Way by Joanna Steidle

Highly Commended: Hunting together by Pham Huy Trung

Commended: Warrior by Hugo Hebbe

Commended: Flamingos by Thomas Vijayan

Commended: Fresh Tracks by Austin Johnson

Commended: Main course by Igor Altuna

Commended: Flamingos by Ramazan Cirakoglu

Commended: The Breach by David Fairs

Commended: Bear’s fishing by Mike Korostelev

Commended: Warrior’s rest by Javier Lafuente

Commended: The Buffalos Bath by Kiah Hwa Ng

Commended: On the thin ice by Florian Ledoux

Commended: Saving the world’s biggest fish species by Srikanth Mannepuri

Commended: Flamingo Canvas by Thomas Vijayan

Commended: Flamingo Flock 3 by Thomas Vijayan

Commended: Amigos by Joseph Cheires

Commended: Big birds by Thomas Dressler


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