Amazing Surreal and Psychedelic Art Works by Boris Pelcer

Source Design You Trust 

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, SFR Yugoslavia in 1985, Boris Pelcer is a visual artist residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. He does art to investigate the ethereal complexity of life on Earth.

“In the tapestry of time, a fleeting dance, whispers of mortality, life’s brief chance. A delicate waltz with the cosmic breath, we yearn to cradle beauty until our last breath. Petals of moments, in our hands they rest, ephemeral blooms in our earthly quest. Yet, oh, how we strive to clasp the sublime, to hold the beauty until the end of our time. With each heartbeat, a plea to time’s embrace, to linger a moment, in beauty’s grace. In the finite echoes of our mortal song, we seek to savor, to hold on, and prolong. A dance with eternity, a wistful plea, to capture the essence before we’re set free.”

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