In the Game ‘Nego,’ Fit as Many Cats as You Can into a Tight Space

Source Colossal  

All images courtesy of Yuka Morii

From cardboard boxes to climbing up inside Christmas trees to lounging around entire islands, cats the world over have a penchant for taking up space. Japanese sculptor and author Yuka Morii has created a table game inspired by felines’ need to stretch, loaf, and nap in any available spot. Titled “Nego,” a play on the Japanese word for cat, neko, and the popular game of “Go,” the object is simply to fit the most cats on the board by taking turns placing them onto a small grid. Cat owners will know, however, that the real object of the game might be preventing mischievous paws from swiping pieces onto the floor one by one.

See more on Morii’s website and Instagram. (via Core77)


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