In Paco Pomet’s ‘Celestial,’ the Sun and Moon Cycle Through Satirical and Outlandish Situations

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“Encounter.” All images © Paco Pomet, shared with permission

A review of Paco Pomet’s paintings from the last few years uncovers an unwavering fascination with the sun and moon. Brilliant glowing orbs appear in the distance and illuminate otherwise gray scenes, while tiny, cratered characters with cartoonish legs and arms wander into homes and hang out on rooftops.

This recurring theme culminates in a new limited-edition monograph featuring 29 paintings created from 2017 to 2022. Aptly titled Celestial, the book evidences Pomet’s enduring satirical and absurdist impulses. In “Encounter,” the moon floats with two businessmen on a makeshift raft, while “On the Road” depicts a vintage car traveling toward a United States-shaped sun on the horizon. The artist has shared previously that he believes human pursuits—and failures—are cyclical, making the sun and moon fitting metaphors for modern struggles, whether in the case of unchecked capitalism and environmental destruction or seemingly endless moral quandaries.

“Celestial bodies and stars have fascinated me since I can remember,” the artist says. “The sun and the moon are an endless source that throw very strong and mysterious statements for us: time, space, duration, darkness, light, beginning, finalisation. Their presence, and the power they have to convey feelings, has no boundaries.”

Celestial is currently available in Pomet’s shop, along with several prints. Find more of his work on Instagram.


“Melancholy Surgery Unit”

“After Hours”

“La Llegada”


“On the Road”

“An Ending”

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