Amazing Street Photography That Won The Minimalist Photography Awards in 2023

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1st Place Winner: X ing by Glenn Homann

These are the motivational winning images from the Street Photography category of the 2023 Minimalist Photography Awards.

By eliminating distractions and letting light, shadow, and subject interact to create quiet narratives, the photographers who are recognized with the Minimalist Photography Awards stand as a group. Glenn Homann took first place with his photo “X ing,” David Degelin took second place with his photo “Sulking,” and Paul Dodd took third place with his shot “Shopping trolley.”

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2nd Place Winner: Sulking Girl by David Degelin

3rd Place Winner: Shopping trolley by Paul Dodd

Honorable Mention: Drown by Tayebe Mohamadkarami

Honorable Mention: Silhouettes in urban Landscapes by Guido Klumpe

Honorable Mention: Still in Love by Guido Klumpe

Honorable Mention: Someone’s Everyday Life by Hiroyuki Ohno

Honorable Mention: Run Towards the Light by Marco Wilm

Honorable Mention: Incense Stick Red by Michelle Simmons

Honorable Mention: Tiny Little Man by Achim Katzberg

Honorable Mention: Move by Hosein Davoodi

Honorable Mention: Wooden Stairs by Go Kochiya

Honorable Mention: Light Step by Yuki Takahara

Honorable Mention: Who Are You? by Sara Camporesi

Honorable Mention: Walking on Dots by Thilo Jaehnig

Honorable Mention: Y i ‘ by Nina Papiorek

Honorable Mention: Have a break by Tamás Wachsler

Honorable Mention: The Seeker by Gavin Libotte

Honorable Mention: Man Walking in A Place of Amazing Light and Shadow by Puttipong Nipatutit

Honorable Mention: Miami Color Theory – Street by Laura Paresky Gould


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