Breathtaking Winning Photos From The Northern Lights Photographer Of The Year 2023

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“Storm Over Sukakpak” by Nickolas Warner

The annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year competition by Capture the Atlas reveals the most amazing aurora borealis or australis photos of the year. Capture the Atlas is a popular travel and photography blog that helps photographers improve their skills, especially in landscape and astrophotography.

“Nothing is more captivating than watching the Aurora Borealis color the sky with green and violet. This phenomenon makes every place magical when the Aurora lights up the night sky.

We are approaching the solar maximum of our current solar cycle, which means Northern Lights can be seen at lower latitudes and from new places where they have not been photographed before. To inspire you for your next shots, we present the 25 best Northern Lights photos from around the world in this 6th edition of our Northern Lights Photographer of the Year.”

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“Lost Who I Want To Be” by Jordan McInally

“Infinity” by Giulio Cobianchi

“Goleuadau’r Gogledd” by Mathew Browne

“The Red Flame” by Laura Oppelt

“Waning Sun” by Alex Wides

“Island of Aurora” by Kat Lawman

“March Michigan Nights” by Justin Miller

“Fleeting Moments on Ice” by MaryBeth Kiczenski

“The Arctic Dance” by Vincent Beudez

“Red Alert” by William Preite

“Bakers Oven Aurora Australis” by Josh Beames

“The Platform” by Virgil Reglioni

“Lady in Pink” by Kenneth LeRose

“Aurora Explosion” by Jason Perry

“Gatklettur Northen Lights” by Stefano Pellegrini

“Beauty of the North” by Elena Ermolina

“Green Snakes” by Filip Hrebenda

“Northern Lights in Nova Scotia” by Kristine Rose

“Circle of Life” by Frøydis Dalheim

“Aurora Flame” by Richard Zheng

“The dance of the green lady” by Luis Cajete

“Blåvatnet” by Lukas Moesch

“Echant” by Paul Wilson

“Kirkjufell Explosion” by Marc Marco Ripoll


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