Fandi Angga Saputra “UNEN-UNEN” @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

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Fandi Angga Saputra spent most of his childhood in Lampung, a province in the Southern tip of Sumatra in Indonesia, growing up in a modest family with a father who worked as a palm tree tapper and was surrounded by nature. He was also surrounded by advice; ways of looking at the world that went beyond just your normal parental or elder observations. Fandi recounts that his childhood was marked by Javanese proverbs, called “unen-unen”, which comes from the word “unen” meaning sound. Unlike the West, where the idea of proverbs seems to be an antiquated, if not distant, type of metaphorical advice or rule to live by, Fandi says “unen” can also be interpreted as a saying or speech,…

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