Photographer Adds A Twist To Historical Images By Combining Them With Recent Ones To Show How Much Things Have Changed

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Mark Hersch, an avid photographer since childhood, developed his passion for capturing images of people, places, and history from an early age. Starting with a Kodak Instamatic camera at age 10, he explored various subjects, from nature to inanimate objects. His interest in history deepened through visits to Revolutionary and Civil War-era sites during his upbringing in Boston and later Virginia.

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After a career in marketing and advertising, Hersch, at 60, embraced digital photography, mastering tools like Photoshop and acquiring professional equipment like a NIKON D850. He discovered a fascination for rephotography, blending historical photos with his contemporary shots to create a juxtaposition of past and present.

His unique project, “Time After Time,” involved sourcing high-resolution historical images and precisely replicating their angles and settings in modern times. His painstaking efforts, blending science and art, led to an impressive collection of over 500 images spanning U.S. cities and international locations like London and Havana.

Hersch’s work received acclaim at art festivals and led to the publication of books, establishment of an art gallery, and commissions for custom pieces, including a series for George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. His exploration of pictorial maps and digital day-to-night conversions further expanded his creative horizon. Hersch’s dedication to capturing and juxtaposing historical and contemporary visuals has earned him a notable second career as a fine art photographer.


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