Marvelous Winning Nature Photos Of NANPA’s 2024 Showcase

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Birds: Best In Category – Anna’s hummingbird by Tim W. Oliver

The NANPA Showcase is a prestigious photo contest that celebrates the best nature photography of the year. The 2024 Showcase features 30 amazing photos in six different categories, each with a winner and three runners-up. These photos capture the beauty and diversity of nature, from birds and mammals to landscapes and conservation.

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Birds: First Runner-Up – Scarlet Macaw by William Halladay

Birds: Judges’ Choice – I’iwi perching upside down by Owen Deutsch

Birds: Judges’ Choice – Sky Surfing by John Ehrenfeld

Mammals: Best In Category – Protection of the Herd by Kevin Dooley

Mammals: First Runner-Up – Looking for the off Switch! by Jennifer Smith

Mammals: Judges’ Choice – Members of the Wapiti Lake pack by Carol Grenier

Mammals: Judges’ Choice – A mule deer doe and her fawn are drinking at desert waterhole at sunset by Bruce Taubert

Scapes: Best In Category – Lavender Dreamscape by Chris Bartell

Scapes: First Runner-Up – A flock of Sandhill by Carl Johnson

Scapes: Judges’ Choice – Near Hanksville, Utah by Joyce Harman

Scapes: Judges’ Choice – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon by Margaret Larkin

Altered Reality: Best In Category – Moon during pandemic days by Stephanie Becker

Altered Reality: First Runner-Up – Dying flower by Joyce Harman

Altered Reality: Judges’ Choice – Checking out the Nest by Marty Purdy

Altered Reality: Judges’ Choice – Let it snow by Andy Wolcott

Conservation: Best In Category – In The Middle of it All by Heather Valey

Conservation: First Runner-Up – A pile of a dozen dead coyotes by Ryan Wagner

Conservation: Judges’ Choice – Corals Last Hope by Dan Mele

Conservation: Judges’ Choice – Yellowstone National Park by Wayne Wolfersberger

Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: Best In Category – Ecuador by Thomas Myers

Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: First Runner-Up – Phil Foster Park by Christopher Higgs

Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: Judges’ Choice – Within a few feet of the trail by Kathy Raffel

Macro, Micro, & All Other Wildlife: Judges’ Choice – Old Blue Eyes by Christopher Higgs

Top 100: Comet Neowise Through Trees by Adam Batcher

Top 100: Cameron Azad

Top 100: Snowy Egret the Bayou by Cheryl Meadow

Top 100: Long jump by Donna Feledichuk

Top 100: Alaska Brown Bear With Feeding Cubs by John Ehrenfeld

Top 100: A mother’s love by Thomas Nicholson


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