Jenna Gribbon Lets Us In On “The Honeymoon Show!”

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Lévy Gorvy Dayan is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with Brooklyn-based artist and Juxtapoz favorite, Jenna Gribbon. The Honeymoon Show! is a dual examination of intimacy and subjecthood represented through portraits of the artist’s wife, Mackenzie Scott. The exhibition is portrayed in two acts—with scenes from the couple’s honeymoon in Thailand juxtaposed against theatrically posed portraits of Scott, a musician who performs under the name Torres. Unraveling the dichotomies between fact and fiction, public and private, spontaneity and forethought, Gribbon explores the transformative act of looking through her vibrant new body of work. In a new essay, Alison M. Gingeras writes, “The act of looking—the consensual, two-way scopophilia between artist and muse—and creating agency for the person being…

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