Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Nature Photographer Of The Year 2023

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Overall Winner: He Looks to the Heavens by Jacquie Matechuk

Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring winning images from the 2023 Nature Photographer of the Year competition. This prestigious contest is a platform for photographers to highlight the splendor of nature. Showcase your skills and you could win impressive prizes, including a cash award of €3,000. Winners will also receive additional attractive rewards and state-of-the-art photography equipment.

By entering our competition, you’re not just competing for accolades but also supporting various nature conservation initiatives. Experience the opulence of the annual award ceremony at the Nature Talks Photo Festival. The forthcoming competition is scheduled to commence on December 20, 2023. The victorious entries will be showcased in an enchanting photo exhibition during the festival, and will later tour the scenic locales of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

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Birds: Winner – Dawn’s Whispers: Graceful Hoopoe Silhouette at Sunrise by Hermis Valiyandiyil

Birds: Runner Up – Long Necks by Zakariya Omran

Mammals: Runner Up – Shaking Off The Cold by Jeffrey Kauffman

Mammals: Highly Commended – Amur Leopard by Sergey Gorshkov

Mammals: Follow the Leader by Torie Hilley

Other Animals: Winner – December moth by Imre Potyó

Other Animals: Runner Up – Spider in frame by Minghui Yuan

Plants and Fungi: Winner – Star Spangled by David Maitland

Plants and Fungi: Runner Up – Spiral Galaxy by David Maitland

Landscape: Winner – Austfonna Ice Cap by Thomas Vijayan

Landscape: Runner Up – Sunset by Jens Lax

Underwater: Winner – Paper Nautilus Rider by Renee Capozzola

Underwater: Runner Up – Alpensalamander by Luc Rooman

Nature Art: Winner – Fields of Dreams by J Fritz Rumpf

Nature Art: Runner Up – The Ethereal Mist Of The Wicker by Juan Lucas

Human and Nature: Winner – The Sad Poncho by XJ Toh

Human and Nature: Runner Up – No land for leopards by Pruthvi B

Black and White: Winner – Heads or Tails by Jodi Frediani

Black and White: Runner Up – The Charge by David Gibbon

Animals Portraits: Winner – The Pen and Inkwell by Jonathan Lhoir

Animals Portraits: Runner Up – Scrub hare by Paul Mckenzie

Nature of “De Lage landen”: Winner – Big Wing by Alex Pansier

Nature of “De Lage landen”: Runner Up – Green triplets by Johan de Ridder

Youth: Winner – Walk on the hill by Őrsi Ákos

Youth: Runner Up – The owls birch by Anton Trexler

Youth: Highly Commended – Between day and night by Anton Trexler

Portfolio Award: Winner – Balam, the endangered king of the Mayan jungle by Fernando Constantino Martínez Belmar

Animals: Highly Commended – Traffic intersection by Simone Baumeister

Animals: Highly Commended – Overflight by Litauszki Tibor


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