Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Natural Landscape Photography Awards 2023

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Photographer of the Year: Winner – Blake Randall

Discover the awe-inspiring splendor encapsulated in the victorious images from the 2023 Natural Landscape Photography Awards. Esteemed Canadian photographer Blake Randall secures the coveted title in this year’s contest, emphasizing the pure and genuine allure of landscapes.

In spite of the competition’s rigorous rules aimed at preventing misleading digital editing and discouraging the application of artificial intelligence, it hasn’t dissuaded accomplished photographers from around the globe. The contest’s third iteration drew an impressive 11,176 entries from 1,023 photographers hailing from 54 countries. Experience the worldwide celebration of authenticity and pristine landscapes through their perspective.

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Photographer of the Year: Runner Up – Benjamin Maze

Photographer of the Year: Third Place – Adam Gibbs

Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended – Xavier Lequarre

Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended – Franka Gabler

Photographer of the Year: Highly Commended – Kenny Muir

Photograph of the Year: Winner – Gabriel Stankiewicz

Grand Scenic: Winner – Björn Nehrhoff von Holderberg

Grand Scenic: Third Place – Spencer Cox

Grand Scenic: Fourth Place – Blake Randall

Intimate Landscapes: Winner – Takahashi Hiroto

Intimate Landscapes: Runner-Up – Cesar Llaneza Rodriguez

Intimate Landscapes: Third Place – Joshua Cripps

Abstracts and Details: Winner – Eric Bennett

Abstracts and Details: Runner-Up – Matt Redfern

Abstracts and Details: Third Place – Alberto Rodriguez-Garcia

Project: Winner – Pinus Pinea – Charcoal series by Tiago Mateus

Project: Runner Up – Devastation by Tim Wrate

Project: Third Place – Apaa by Nicolas Raspiengeas

Common Places: Winner – Matt Redfern

Common Places: Runner-Up – Mieke Boynton

Common Places: Third Place – Sigfrido Zimmerman

Mountains: Winner – Alexandre Deschaumes

Mountains: Runner-Up – Grant Dixon

Mountains: Third Place – Giacomo Finotti

Water Worlds: Winner – James Hider

Water Worlds: Runner-Up – Barbara Seiberl-Stark

Water Worlds: Third Place – Anders Angelhag

Black and White: Winner – Harry Lichtman

Black and White: Runner-Up – Peter Coskun

Black and White: Third Place – Lukas Moesch

Nightscape: Winner – David Hunter

Nightscape: Runner-Up – Prajit Ravindran

Nightscape: Third Place – Lukáš Veselý

Environmental: Winner – Martin Bürner

Environmental: Runner-Up – Jay Tayag

Environmental: Third Place – George Pavicevic

Aerial: Winner – Peter Eastway

Aerial: Runner-Up – Pal Hermansen

Aerial: Third Place – Antonio Fernandez


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