Beautiful Winning Photos Of The Dog Photographer of The Year 2023

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Portrait & Landscape: 1st Place – Ascending Serenity by Sanna Sander

The 2023 Dog Photography Awards have announced their winners, which include a dog demonstrating parkour abilities and a doberman elegantly executing ballet among the champions. Victors were declared in four categories, with each winner receiving a prize of $513 (500 Euros) in the Portrait and Landscape category, the Action category, the Studio category, and the Dogs and People category.

An impressive image of her Azawakh, Soleil, a breed from West Africa, skillfully ascending a pile of logs as the sun fortuitously illuminated her, was captured by Sanna Sander of Sweden.

More: Dog Photographer of The Year, Instagram h/t: 121clicks

Portrait & Landscape: 2nd Place – Serene Snowfall by Grace Fieselman

Portrait & Landscape: 3rd Place – Monochromatic illusion by Sanna Sander

Action: 1st Place – Stop your motion by Jacqueline Rüdiger

Action: 2nd Place – Moment of Entry by Roberta Holden

Action: 3rd Place – Catch It by Anne-Laurie Léger

Studio: 1st Place – Ballerina by Anna Averianova

Studio: 2nd Place – Let’s dance! by Carla Gea Perales

Studio: 3rd Place – Puppy love by Tuss Bennergård

Dogs & People: 1st Place – Caravaggio today by Mercury Megaloudis

Dogs & People: 2nd Place – Facing the Immensity Together by Emma Gough

Dogs & People: 3rd Place – Timber’s Tribute by Jane Thomson

Portrait & Landscape: Finalist – Weimaraner in winterwonderland by Daria Rossini

Portrait & Landscape: Finalist – Amour Propre by Janneke de Graaf

Portrait & Landscape: Finalist – Stormy sea by Julia Haberichter

Portrait & Landscape: Finalist – Catch the sun rays by Karin Bruhin

Action: Finalist – Red by Michelle Dawkins

Action: Finalist – Poodle jump by Celine Robel

Action: Finalist – Sensational Soar by Grace Fieselman

Action: Finalist – Golden Girls by Rosalind Phang

Action: Finalist – Fly High in the Sky by Anne-Laurie Léger

Studio: Finalist – Sing my Song by Klaus-Peter Selzer

Studio: Finalist – Wired Hair by Chloé Brown

Studio: Finalist – Ebony & Her Ivories by Jane Thomson

Studio: Finalist – The Leia Organa Look by Tina Stahl

Dogs & People: Finalist – A moment of peace by Sabrina Theden

Dogs & People: Finalist – Momma’s Girl by Kyle Rurak

Dogs & People: Finalist – Lets dance together! by Rhea Nellen

Dogs & People: Finalist – Yin and yang by Agnieszka Gulczynska

Dogs & People: Finalist – Lost and found by Sabrina Theden


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