Turning Scars Into Luminous Pathways: A New Photography Project that Challenges the Way We See Scars

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Ceridwen Hughes created a photography project called Kintsugi Beauty to challenge the stereotypes and stigma associated with scars. She photographed Phyllida Swift, CEO of Face Equality International, who has significant facial scarring after a car accident. The photos celebrate Phyllida’s scars and redefine beauty on her own terms.

“Halloween is an incredibly difficult time for many of us with facial differences when our faces are mimicked as costumes that can be taken off at the end of the night. Children are told our faces are ‘scary’ or that we’re monsters not worthy of dignity. I want to live in a time where this toxic narrative ends, where our value as humans is no longer derived from our appearance, and where unrealistic beauty standards are no longer reinforced by companies and media platforms that profit from othering an entire community.”

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