Thin Strips of Colorful Vinyl Spill Over Derrick Velasquez’s Wooden Sculptures

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“Untitled 290” (2021), vinyl and wood, 23 X 21 X 1.25 inches. All images courtesy of Pentimenti Gallery, shared with permission

Gracefully stacked atop humble wooden shapes, thin strips of vinyl create kaleidoscopic planes in the sculptures of Derrick Velasquez. The Denver-based artist draws on the principles of color theory to create wall-based works with innumerable layers evocative of sediment or brushstrokes. All finished with staggered edges that curl upwards, the pieces are part of Velasquez’s Untitled series, which utilizes the same curved shape and varies in palette and size. “Slowly building these sculptures becomes akin to layers upon layers of the experiences and connections we make inviting a perceptual encounter and a tactile experience,” he says.

The works shown here are part of Velasquez’s solo show Close To The Memory Of on view from November 7 to December 22 at Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia. Find more of his sculptures on his site and Instagram.


“Untitled 389” (2023), vinyl and cherry, 54 x 30 x 1.5 inches

“Untitled 386” (2023), vinyl and maple, 46 x 40 x 1 inches

“Untitled 388” (2023), vinyl and maple, 46 x 35 x 1 inches

“Untitled 393” (2023), vinyl and cherry, 24 x 29 x 1 inches

“Untitled 366” (2023), vinyl and maple, 25 x 29 x 1 inches

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