The 1933 ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Movie Is Creepy as Hell!

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Directed by Norman Z. McLeod, the 1933 film adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel “Alice in Wonderland” delves into the depths of the deepest, darkest, strangest, and most horrific of nightmares. Its uncanny nature is particularly evident in the character designs, costumes, and masks used throughout the film.

In this adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale, Alice (played by Charlotte Henry) discovers the extraordinary revelation that an ordinary library mirror serves as a portal to another world. While grappling with her ever-shifting size, courtesy of mysterious cookies, she follows a rabbit with a pocket watch, stumbles upon a chaotic tea party, and seeks advice from the enigmatic Cheshire Cat (portrayed by Richard Arlen). Later, Alice encounters Humpty Dumpty (brought to life by W.C. Fields), whose unfortunate fall sets in motion even more bizarre events.


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