A Homecoming of Sorts, Cristina BanBan Brings “La Matrona” to London

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“It’s funny,” Cristina BanBan told us in her Winter 2023 cover story, “I don’t have a clear memory of me playing with toys, but I do remember always drawing and carrying a sketchbook and crayons wherever I went with my parents.” Though just a simple anecdote to what has become a significant art career, when you consider the subject matter of BanBan’s paintings, self-portraits and the self as muse as well as a small group of friends, you sort of get the idea that she has kept a very insular process to her craft. It’s personal and hers. And as she opened La Matrona at Skarstedt London last week, a city she used to call home, the Spanish-born now NYC-based artist…

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