Spectacular Winning Photos Of AAP Magazine Awards ‘Shapes 2023’

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In AAP Magazine’s 34th edition, we sought submissions that explore composition and form in photography, embracing shape and form as transformative elements. Twenty-five photographers from twelve countries across four continents offered diverse works spanning various styles, highlighting the endless possibilities in shaping photographic aesthetics.

Winner: La Muralla Roja by Fabien Dendiéval (France)

“I feel sometimes photography as a kind of quest, a treasure hunt. It is a long term work that takes time and is full of pitfalls, constraints and frustrations but to find myself in front of a scene like this one makes me enthusiastic and rewards me for all my efforts.”

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Second Place Winner: Symbols for Rhythm by Shinji Ichikawa (Japan)

“I was born in Shimane Prefecture, Japan, and I currently own and operate a photography studio in my hometown. This series, Symbols for Rhythm, explores the beauty and rhythm of the everyday. Rhythm brings vitality to our lives and has the power to change our perspective. At the same time, the title Symbols helps us perceive rhythm as a visual element. Through photography, we discover and explore rhythm and beauty from a new perspective.”

Third Place Winner: Egg-serie by Mieke Dalle (Belgium)

“As a photographer and graphic designer, I like to bring simplicity to my work. In this serie the egg as a starting point, because this shape is one of the most beautiful shapes that occur in nature, in my opinion. Simple yet strong. The beginning of life, the chicken or the egg…”

Merit Award: Gjert Rognli (Norway)

Merit Award: Fern Nesson (United States)

Merit Award: Gavin Libotte (Australia)

Merit Award: Vladimir Antaki (France/Lebanon/Canada)

Merit Award: Liliane Schwab (Switzerland/Canada)

Merit Award: Giuliano Ottaviani (Italy)

Merit Award: Kevin Kinner (United States)

Merit Award: Michel Daumergue (France)

Merit Award: Jo Fields (United States)

Merit Award: Emmanuelle Becker (France/United States)

Merit Award: Marcel van Balken (Netherlands)

Merit Award: Don Jacobson (United States)

Merit Award: Nadide Goksun (United States)

Merit Award: Klaus Lenzen (Germany)

Merit Award: Thomas Hofmann (Germany)

Merit Award: Lisa Thomas (United States)

Merit Award: Sander Vos (United Kingdom)

Merit Award: Stuart Neil (Australia)

Merit Award: Derrick Whaley (African-American)

Merit Award: Junichi Wajda (Japan)

Merit Award: Matt Coughlin (United States)

Merit Award: Walter Colley (United States)


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