Exquisite Paper Fish and Birds by Lisa Lloyd Twist in Elegant Motion

Source Colossal  

“Flux.” All images © Lisa Lloyd, shared with permission

An elegant, energetic menagerie continues to emerge from Lisa Lloyd’s Brighton studio. Known for her painstaking precision and deft layering process, the artist (previously) imbues her paper sculptures with an immense amount of life, each creature conveying movement and vigor.

One of Lloyd’s most recent works, “Flux,” centers on a pair of fighting fish with gracefully swishing fins. Made in collaboration with the printer Barnard & Westwood, the bettas sport tiny speckles and stripes on their scales as their bodies curve toward each other. Additional sculptures include the anatomical “Ovule,” which depicts a bird severed to reveal a gold spine and flower in its torso, and her recent Rise series of avian-like forms with long, sweeping tails.

Many of the works shown here will be on view through October 15 at StART Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery in London. Lloyd also generously shares insights into her process on Instagram.


Detail of “Flux”

Detail of “Flux”


“Rise 01”

“Rise 03”

“Rise 02”

The artist works on “Flux”

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