Spectacular Funny Finalist Photos Of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023

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Everyone can fly by Adrian Slazok

Prepare for a hearty laugh as we unveil the side-splitting finalists of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2023! These shortlisted images and videos from this year’s competition are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone while showcasing the incredible wildlife we share this planet with. Plus, here’s your chance to cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Affinity Photo, and enter a free prize draw for a chance to win £500!

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Walk like an Egyptian Goose by Allen Holmes

Among this year’s finalists, you’ll discover 41 standalone photographs, 3 uproarious videos, and 3 captivating Portfolio entries. The lineup includes a kangaroo shredding an air guitar, some groove-worthy dancing horses, a balletic otter, and even a befuddled penguin seeking directions. These remarkable entries emerged from a global pool of submissions, featuring both professional and amateur photographers, resulting in a delightful medley of wildlife hilarity.

Cheeky Baboon by Benard Omwaka

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards came to life in 2015, thanks to the vision of professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam. Their aim was to create a competition that not only celebrated the lighter, comical side of wildlife photography but also played a crucial role in advocating wildlife conservation. It’s a wonderful blend of humor and conservation, and it’s all on display in this year’s extraordinary collection

Oh my talk about poking your nose into someone elses business by Bill-Gozansky

Right of Way by Brandi Romano

Don’t look down by Brian Matthews

Just a kiss by Brigitte Alcalay Marcon

Ready steady go by Brigitte Alcalay Marcon

Hang loose by Christian Hargasser

Excuse me sir but I think you’re a little too young to be smoking by Dakota Vaccaro

Part of your world by Danielle Goonan

Doing the Tango by Danny Sullivan

Fellowship by Dario Podesta

The rainforest dandy by Delphine Casimir

Picture me Picture me by Dikla-Gabriely

What nice teeth you have by Henry Keepin

Dispute by Jacek Stankiewicz

Snowball by Jacques Poulard

I don’t know by Jakub Wozny

Now thats a selfie by Jaroslaw Kolacz

Air Guitar Roo by Jason Moore

Directions please: No I told you they went that way by Jodi Frediani

Monday Blahs by John Blumenkamp

Flossing Beaver by Jorn Vangoidtsenhove

Singing In The Rain by Kate Stevenson

Living the Moment by Kawing Chiu

The Cabaret Bear by Khurram Khan

Boing by Lara-Mathews

Go to Your Room Little Brother by Mark Schocken

Fake News! by Matti Rauvala

Angry Bird by Michael Erwin

Otter Ballerinas by Otter Kwek

Air apparent by Paul Goldstein

Look at right Bro by Pratick Mondal

Scream by Sergey Savvi

Teddy Buddies by Thomas Vijayan

The happy turtle by Tzahi Finkelstein

Mona Lisas Smile by Vince Maidens

Unexpected plunge by Vittorio Ricci

That wasnt here yesterday by Wendy Kaveney

One for the family album by Zoe Ashdown


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