Embodying Characters of Dreams and Confronting Fears Through Self-Portrait Photography of Brooke Shaden

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Brooke Shaden, a self-portrait artist, delves into the contrasting elements of light and darkness inherent in the individual. Her work is a reflection of her childhood, filled with vivid imagination and fear, which inspires her to create characters from her dreams.

As both creator and performer, she navigates her own darkness and faces her fears. Her creations, while deeply personal, are meant to resonate with others and reveal a part of themselves. Art serves as a mirror for both the artist and the viewer.

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After studying film in college, she discovered that her passion for storytelling was not limited to one medium. In 2008, she turned to photography, enjoying the solitude of creation and the opportunity to embody different characters. Her work often revolves around themes such as death and rebirth, or beauty and decay.

Storytelling is at the heart of Brooke’s life. Whether it’s creating self-portraits, writing, embarking on international adventures, or giving motivational speeches, she strives to experience a multitude of lives within her own. She feeds her curiosity to weave a fascinating narrative of her life.

One of her most significant accomplishments is the creation of The Light Space, a photography school for survivors of human trafficking in India and now Thailand. Through this initiative, she is helping to make the world a better place.


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