The Versatile World of Riccardo Mari: A Tale of Passion, Perseverance, and Photography

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Born in the vibrant city of Milan in 1964, Riccardo Mari has been immersed in the diverse world of art from a young age. His journey began with music, meandered through painting, and ultimately led him back to his true passion – photography.

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Riccardo’s photographic skills were honed under the tutelage of Fabio Meazzi and Paolo Cecchio. This apprenticeship proved invaluable, exposing him to a wide array of photographic genres – from still life and advertising portraits to food and automotive photography.

Today, Riccardo resides in a quaint village nestled in the Chianti hills of Tuscany, near Florence. His home doubles as his creative hub – the Garage Creative Gallery. Here, he primarily focuses on personal projects that reflect his deep love for images, literature, and music. Recently, he has also ventured into the realm of video production.


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