Spiral Bound: Zach Harris’s Opulently Psychedelic Paintings @ GGLA

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Spiral Bound, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based-artist Zach Harris at GGLA is comprised of the artist’s iconic sculptural paintings and a wide-ranging installation of drawings. Entering the gallery viewers are met with an expansive wall of more than 70 drawings, a practice that is part of the artist’s daily ritual. The drawings taken from the artist’s notebooks cover an expansive swath of topics, from bitcoin letters to functional object design and artist palettes; a cross made from dice to flagpoles with space junk; AI vs. human intelligence, Ukraine, neural nets and a game of Twister with masks; covid, DNA double helix, a machine smelling a flower, biospheres and strawberries in the sky. Harris’ drawings beautifully unpack some of the…

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