“Survirtualism”: Absolutely Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations By Ellen Sheidlin

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Ellen Sheidlin (Elena Lyalina) is an artist who experiments with realism, virtuality, and her own dreams to create unique and perplexing artworks. She describes her style as a new direction of art called “survirtualism.”

By combining her skills in photography, modeling, digital art, fashion, and makeup, Ellen has created a complex and captivating universe that she shares with her followers on Instagram. With a massive following of 4.3 million people, Ellen’s art has gained worldwide recognition. She has exhibited her work globally and has even collaborated with famous brands such as Nike, BMW, and Coca-Cola.

Ellen’s innovative approach to art and her ability to seamlessly blend different mediums has made her a standout artist in the world of survirtualism. Her work continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world.

I first wrote about her back in 2016, as well as her work can be viewed here.

More: Ellen Sheidlin, Instagram h/t: boredpanda


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