Hyperrealistic Portraits Burst Into Botanical Shards in Vibrant Murals by Ratur

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“Symbiose” (2021), Cransac, France. All images © Arthur Maslard, shared with permission

As if made of porcelain or glass, the monumental, serene faces of Arthur Maslard’s subjects fragment into sharply contrasted leaves. The French artist, also known as Ratur, draws on a background in graphic design and intimacy with nature to blend realistic features with fantastical, botanical explosions and abstract fields of color. “Every wall is challenging and different!” he says. “There is always a part of improvisation and adaptation. I would say that the most constraining factor is time.”

Maslard counts Hungarian painter István Sándorfi among his influences, honing the detailed interaction of light with flesh and folds of fabric. He often works alongside his brother Oscar, known as SCKARO, to realize hyperrealistic imagery portraying what Ratur describes as “humans faced with a nature in ruin, mythical figures, and symbols of perpetual rebirth.”

Ratur’s next project takes him to Sand City, California, for the West End Mural Festival in October. Explore more work on his website, and follow updates on Instagram.


Untitled (2023), Annemasse, France

“Renaissance” (2020), Rouen Impressionnée Festival, Rouen, France

“Summer Vibe” (2023), North West Walls Festival, Belgium

“Innate Connection” (2021), Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Sweet Life” (2023), Great Falls, Montana, U.S.A.

“Daphné” (2020), Dijon, France

“Above It All” (2022), Vancouver, B.C., Canada

“Together” (2021), Paris, France

“L’Oranger” (2021), Saint Brieuc, France

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