“Dads Are”: Artist Illustrates The Average Experience Of Being A Dad

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Meet Arik Peterson, a dad and a comic artist. He draws comics about his experiences as a father. Arik started his comic series “Dads Are” when he realized that dads are like sherpas, carrying everything for their families.

He gets his ideas from his kids, his own dad, and other dads. He sometimes uses old photos or memories as inspiration. He also practices his drawing skills with a book from the 1940s. His kids help him with his comics, either by coloring, giving feedback, or suggesting ideas. Arik enjoys making people laugh and connect with his comics. He posts them online when he has time.

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““Dads Are” started one day when I was schlepping ALL of my family’s luggage through the airport. I was traveling with two kids and a wife. Then it occurred to me… as a dad, I’m a sherpa. From that moment forward I started looking at being a dad a little different.

I started writing ideas while driving to work, or seeing something out in public that sparked an idea. I found myself smiling a lot.” – Arik Peterson


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