Highly Commended Photos From Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2023

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Snow bison by Max Waugh, USA. Highly commended, Animal Portraits

Some of the most amazing photos from the 59th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition have been revealed by the Natural History Museum (NHM).

The competition received an incredible 49,957 entries from 95 countries, and the best 100 photos will be displayed in a London exhibition on October 13. That’s when the winners of each category and the Grand Title and Young Grand Title Awards will be announced. But before that, the NHM has shared some of the stunning images that have impressed us.

In this preview, you can see a remarkable photo of a macaque jumping on a deer, taken by Atsuyuki Ohshima. Donglin Zhou shows us the thrilling scene of a snow leopard chasing a Pallas’s cat, while Michał Siarek records the tense moment when a group carefully opens a box to check a tiger cub rescued from Ukraine. Jasper Doest tells a sad story of an elephant that was hit by a train in Gabon. These are just some of the extraordinary photos that are yet to come.

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Coot on ice by Zhai Zeyu, China. Highly commended, 10 Years and Under

Mason bee at work by Solvin Zankl, Germany. Highly commended, Behaviour: Invertebrates

The catwalk by Shashwat Harish, Kenya. Highly commended, 11-14 Years

The face of the persecuted by Neil Aldridge, South Africa. Highly commended, Photojournalism

War cub by Michał Siarek, Poland. Highly commended, Photojournalism

Prize catch by Jef Pattyn, Belgium/the Netherlands. Highly commended, Oceans: The Bigger Picture

Fight to the death by Jasper Doest, the Netherlands. Highly commended, Photojournalism

Firebirds by Elza Friedländer, Germany. Highly commended, Behaviour: Birds

Race for life by Donglin Zhou, China. Highly commended, Behaviour: Mammals

Possum’s midnight snack by Caitlin Henderson, Australia. Highly commended, Urban Wildlife

The vanishing seal by Bruno D’Amicis, Italy. Highly commended, Natural Artistry

Forest rodeo by Atsuyuki Ohshima, Japan. Highly commended, Behaviour: Mammals

Coral connections by Alex Mustard, UK. Highly commended, Under Water

Mushroom magic by Agorastos Papatsanis, Greece. Highly commended, Plants and Fungi


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