Meet Charlesai, The Doctor and Artist Who Blends Medicine and Art with AI

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From saving lives to creating art, Charlesai is a French doctor and NFT artist who embarked on a journey of AI art in 2021. What began as a way to deal with the stress of working in a pandemic, soon became a passion and a mission.

Using the power of VQGAN + CLIP, he crafts unique pieces that blend the realms of medicine and art. His work has been showcased in renowned galleries and he has spoken to the media about the ethical dilemmas of AI art. He is a talented and brave artist who dares to explore new horizons in the art world.

More: Instagram, SuperRare, Foundation

“I’m Charlesai, a French doctor and NFT artist. I’ve started making AI art in early 2021 to initially keep my mind off the stress of working ER shifts during covid. I needed something to evacuate the sadness, the frustration, the fear, the not seing the sun for multiples months, from my mind. I’ve always painted, ever since I was a child, but when I discovered AI art with VQGAN + CLIP, I was instantly hooked.”


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