Beautiful, Colorful and Geometric Minimalistic Photography by Anastasia

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Anastasia, a Russian photographer and professional economist, embodies a minimalistic style that centers on geometric patterns within urban landscapes.

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Upon reaching the age of 30, Anastasia experienced a profound realization that prompted her desire for a complete life transformation. Taking a bold step, she packed her belongings and relocated to the coastal regions of Spain. It was there that she embarked on a journey of education under the tutelage of a remarkable mentor, Dmitry Bogachuk, who is an art photographer and critic. Guided by his expertise, Anastasia delved into the world of art, cultivating a deep understanding of its nuances.

Her formal training is conspicuously evident in her current photographic perspective, characterized by a sophisticated application of lines and spaces. Within this artistic evolution, Anastasia has harnessed the power of contours, geometry, and light, allowing her to perceive the world through a fresh lens and to adeptly communicate her emotions and concepts.


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