“BLACK SHEEP”: Photographer’s Ode to the Misunderstood and the Power of True Self

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Meet Kamilla Hanapova, the prodigious Russian photographer lighting up St. Petersburg’s art scene. Born in 1996, Kamilla primarily immerses herself in the world of fashion and portrait photography. But, did you know? She also has a penchant for capturing the grandeur of architecture, which she lovingly refers to as her hobby.

Today, we’re delving into her riveting new project: BLACK SHEEP. In Kamilla’s words, it’s “a reminder that appearances can often be misleading. We live in a world where judgement is passed in a fleeting moment, but self-expression is a journey and should never be judged at a mere glance.”

Through BLACK SHEEP, Kamilla isn’t just capturing images; she’s telling stories. Stories that laud individuality, champion the freedom of self-expression, and underline the importance of acceptance. She emphasizes, “Sometimes, the ones we’re quick to label as ‘repulsive’ or ‘hard to understand’ are the very souls brimming with kindness, love, and a deep sense of connection.”

Morre: Instagram, Behance


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