The Superb Wooden Sculptures by Hans Panscha

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When we think of artists, we imagine their masterpieces displayed on gallery walls or resting on ornate pedestals. But Hans Panschar is no ordinary artist. Hailing from Berg, Germany, Panschar doesn’t just create – he lives and breathes his art.

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Labeling his work as “Hansmade” is more than just a play on words. It signifies the personal touch that he lends to every piece, crafting each with his hands and shaping them with his singular worldview. While his sculptures – a delicate balance between wood and concrete – have already garnered admiration in modern art spheres, it’s his most immersive creation that truly sets him apart.

Picture this: a structure in Berg that, to the untrained eye, looks like a standard barn or utility building. But as with all of Panschar’s works, there’s more than meets the eye. This isn’t just any building; it’s his home, his sanctuary, and a testament to his creative vision.

Florian Nagler, the acclaimed Munich-based architect, conceived this wondrous abode. Drawing inspiration from Panschar’s very essence, Nagler dismissed opulent decor and design frills. He focused instead on integrating concrete, brick, and wood to shape a live-work space that resonates with Panschar’s ethos.


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