Stunning Images of the 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept

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In the mid-1950s, automotive design was an evolving realm of innovation, and 1955 brought to the forefront a concept that turned heads and left an indelible mark: The Lincoln Indianapolis. Dreamed up by Carrozzeria Boano, this concept car took the foundation of the 1955 Lincoln – its chassis and running gear – and transformed it into something almost ethereal.


Making its sole debut at the 1955 Turin Motor Show, the Lincoln Indianapolis wasn’t just any other concept car. Under its hood, the chassis boasted a powerful 200 horsepower V8 engine paired with a smooth four-speed automatic transmission. But what really caught the eyes of many was its exterior.

Carrozzeria Boano’s signature touch is palpable on this Lincoln Indianapolis. The design wasn’t burdened by the constraints of practicality; instead, it celebrated the spirit of free and uninhibited creativity. Some might find hints of resemblance in its contours to the Abarth Spyder Turin show prototype, another showstopper that year, albeit a considerably smaller model.

One can’t help but be entranced by the radiant orange hue – a color Boano splashed on a few of their other design studies. However, among all its captivating features, the greenhouse stands out. This design element, reminiscent of some Boano-crafted Ferraris, gave the Lincoln Indianapolis a unique identity.


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