Jens Fänge Goes to “Night School” in Shanghai

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Perrotin Shanghai is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Night School by Swedish artist Jens Fänge, showcasing his captivating new series of paintings from 2023. Jens Fänge’s Night School is not an ordinary school, but an oneiric space of sea snails, octopuses, slipper orchids, deer, cats, flutes, and more. Here underground activities literally happen at night, in an endless realm symbolizing our relation to knowledge and the inner world. The painting Luftschloss, for instance, takes a marginal scene from a Göteborg suburb and turns it into a place of perpetually evolving fantasies. In other paintings, the buildings are turned into an ocean of red or transported back centuries, and it seems that their black-windowed rooms can be further unfolded and viewed into.

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