Exploring the Wide-Ranging Influences in Gabi de la Merced’s Artistry

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Born in Madrid, Gabi de la Merced pursued traditional animation studies at the Madrid School of Film (ECAM). Alongside his work as a colorist for films and commercials, Merced also worked as an illustrator.

This dual experience allowed him to master the use of color and develop a distinctive aesthetic and narrative sense that later became crucial for his subsequent works.

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His artistic influences are vast and diverse, ranging from elements of historical periods to modern cultural symbols. The Old Masters, the Book of Revelation, medieval prints, and Classical Mythology hold as much significance for him as the Masters of the Universe, Warren magazines, early skateboard designs, or legends surrounding an elusive musician.

A self-taught artist in his now preferred mediums, Merced produces highly detailed and painstakingly precise graphite drawings and acrylic paintings. He finds these mediums to be the perfect tools for sorting through and making sense of the plethora of images and influences that have accumulated in his mind over time.


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