Photographer Took Pictures Of Beautiful Horses In Breathtaking Icelandic Landscapes

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Petra Marita Leifsdóttir is a professional photographer based in Iceland, celebrated for her recent series, “Icelandic Horse”.

This collection merges her passions for the uniquely resilient Icelandic horse breed and the mesmerizing Icelandic nature. With a background filled with painting, drawing, and horse interaction, she took up photography, leading to a profound connection between her photographic craft and her life-long equine companions.

More: Petra Marita Leifsdóttir h/t: boredpanda

Leifsdóttir has spent years capturing the beautiful horses across Iceland’s fairytale-like landscapes, often working with her horse and those owned by friends. She understands the importance of knowing the horses’ behavior, anatomy, and movements for successful and safe photoshoots. Many times, the human models in her pictures are the horses’ owners, highlighting the strong bonds that can develop.

Her favorite location for shoots is the majestic Skógafoss waterfalls, especially under the unique midnight sun. Through her work, Leifsdóttir aims to showcase nature’s beauty and the stunning Icelandic horses, hoping to inspire more respect and harmony towards nature, which she considers the ultimate form of art.


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