Europe’s Most Secret Collection of Classic Cars

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In an astonishing spectacle, this motley parade of over 230 four-wheeled marvels belongs to a single magnificent collection, lovingly curated by Mr. Palmen across the span of more than four decades.

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A subtle patina of grime is their common attire, not from neglect, but rather an affectionate neglect of the superficial. After all, Mr. Palmer was known to ignite their engines regularly to keep their metallic hearts from coming to a standstill — a testament to the unwavering adoration he held for his grand auto-ensemble.

As you glance upon these dust-coated gems today, one can’t help but envision the buried splendor that lies beneath the layers of time. These machines, once roaring symbols of human ingenuity, yearn for the gentle caress of a rag, to wipe away the years and let them shine anew.

The elegant Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale easily arrests one’s gaze, alongside the captivating Lamborghini Espada and Lancia Aurelia. Each of these masterpieces is more than deserving of a chance to reclaim their past resplendence.

So, if the idea of rejuvenating a classic from the ground up stirs a fervor in your heart, look no further. Any one of these phenomenal vehicles could serve as the perfect canvas for your impending masterpiece of a restoration project.


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