The Superb Surreal Photo Manipulations by Jyo John Mulloor

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Hailing from the gleaming metropolis of Dubai, Jyo John Mulloor is a digital artist of the contemporary era, whose work brilliantly marries the tangible with the uncanny.

Fueled by a fervor for bringing imaginative concepts to life, Jyo’s deftness in shaping compelling narratives is as admirable as it is awe-inspiring. One cannot help but marvel at the profound command he exhibits over his digital canvas, skillfully reshaping reality into visually stunning, otherworldly settings.

Among his remarkable assortment of projects, ‘Eyeriz’ stands out as a profound testament to his talent. This collection features a mesmerizing series of images, where the human eye serves as the canvas to our universe. By overlaying an eclectic mix of captivating scenes onto living eyes, Jyo transforms them into magical pieces of surreal artistry. Each eye, whether it encloses a wild beast prowling in its natural habitat or a bird’s eye view of a bustling city, carries within it a unique world, a testament to Jyo’s artistry in harmonizing the real with the fantastical.

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