Luciano Polverigiani’s Ceramic Toys Explore Material, Function, and Movement

Source Colossal  

All images © Luciano Polverigiani, shared with permission

From his workshop in Villa Elisa, Argentina, Luciano Polverigiani (previously) creates small and medium format ceramics that teeter between traditional sculpture and toys. Currently fascinated by the relationship between form and function, the artist often reflects on how his materials are inextricably linked to each piece’s use. “We generally associate ceramic material with fragility; ceramic objects break if they fall on the ground or are handled roughly,” he tells Colossal. “I am interested in reflecting on the ‘use’ that we will give to ceramics. In this sense, I begin to work with the idea of a ceramic toy.”

The artist brings the contradictory idea of the ceramic toy to life through a curious menagerie of creatures, each radiating with personality. And while many toys feature some kind of moveable aspect or configurable parts, Polverigiani embraces the incongruity between clay’s rigidity and the inherent action of play. By incorporating wheels and creating small figures that are meant to fit inside others, the artist pushes the boundaries between ceramic sculpture and movement.

In the past few years, Polverigiani has cultivated relationships with other ceramicists during his travels, and he is currently working on organizing a collective exhibition. You can follow him on Instagram for updates, and find more work on Behance.



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