The Whimsical World of Ramon N90’s Superb Cutepunk Illustrations

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In the vast realm of art, there are creators who possess the remarkable ability to captivate audiences with their unique style and imaginative creations.

Spanish artist Ramon Nuñez, popularly known as Ramon N90, has emerged as one such artist, amassing a global following through his ongoing series of illustrations called “Cutepunk.” Blending street style, punk aesthetics, and manga-inspired elements, Ramon has crafted a collection that is both whimsical and edgy, resonating with millions of art enthusiasts worldwide.

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Ramon N90’s “Cutepunk” series stands out for its seamless fusion of diverse artistic influences. Drawing inspiration from street culture, punk fashion, and the playful charm of manga, Ramon creates a visual tapestry that defies conventional boundaries. The result is a collection of illustrations that exude a sense of whimsy, inviting viewers into a world where cuteness meets rebellion.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Ramon N90 has honed his craft by collaborating with renowned names such as Sony Pictures Animation, DreamWorks Animation, and Riot Games. This exposure to various creative projects has not only sharpened his skills but also provided him with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by aspiring artists. Armed with this knowledge, Ramon decided to give back to the artistic community by establishing a Patreon.


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