Stunning Photos from Shortlist of The World Architecture Festival 2023

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Projects from various categories such as religion, energy, transport and health have made it to the 2023 shortlist of the World Architecture Festival. The festival will take place in Singapore between 29 November and 1 December this year, where the shortlisted entries will compete for awards by presenting their projects to a panel of 140 judges.

Chengdu, China

Panda Tower by Shanghai United Design Group Co., Ltd. Photograph: AKA_SK8Simon

More: The World Architecture Festival h/t: guardian

Tasmania, Australia

Iron Creek Bay Farm Stay by Misho + Associates. Photograph: Peter Whyte

Tokushima-shi, Japan

Toagosei hydrogen station Tokushima by Osamu Morishita Architect and Associates. Photograph: Katsumasa Tanaka

Sarnano, Italy

Casa Ward by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt Architect. Photograph: Dan Glasser

Hangzhou, China

China Hangzhou E-sports Centre by Central-South Architectural Design Institute co. Photograph: Zheng Shi

Ang Sila, Thailand

Ang Sila Oyster Scaffolding Pavilion by Chat Architects. Photograph: W Workspace/World Architecture Festival

Mormanno (Cosenza), Italy

Santa Maria Goretti Church by Mario Cucinella Architects. Photograph: Duccio Malagamba/World Architecture Festival

Szczecin, Poland

Teatr Letni by Flanagan Lawrence. Photograph: Piotr Krajewski/World Architecture Festival

Hampshire, United Kingdom

New Temple Complex by James Gorst Architects. Photograph: Rory Gardiner/World Architecture Festival

Fari Island, Maldives

Turrell Pavilion by Studio MK27. Photograph: Fernando Guerra/World Architecture Festival

London, United Kingdom

Battersea Power Station Phase Two by WilkinsonEyre. Photograph: Peter Landers/World Architecture Festival

Tehran, Iran

Jahad Metro Plaza by Khavarian Studio. Photograph: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh/World Architecture Festival

Nizwa, Oman

Oman Across Ages Museum by COX Architecture. Photograph: Sami Khamis Sanjor Al Qawal/World Architecture Festival

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Mosque of Light by Dabbagh Architects. Photograph: Gerry O’Leary/World Architecture Festival

Bali, Indonesia

Bamboo Dome for G20 Bali Summit by Biroe Architecture. Photograph: Biroe Architecture/World Architecture Festival


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