Epic Photos of FAB 1, the Iconic Rolls-Royce from ‘Thunderbirds’ and The World’s Biggest and Most Expensive Car

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If you’re a fan of Thunderbirds, the classic sci-fi series from the 1960s, you probably remember FAB 1, the sleek and stylish car owned by Lady Penelope and driven by Parker. But did you know that FAB 1 was actually a modified Rolls-Royce, with weapons and gadgets that would make James Bond jealous?

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FAB 1 was one of the many amazing machines created by Brains, the genius behind the Thunderbirds vehicles. He equipped the car with features such as machine guns, smoke screen, oil slick, tyre studs, hydrofoils and skis, making it ready for any mission or adventure. The car also had a distinctive six-wheel drive and a bulletproof bubble canopy that covered the driver’s seat.

The choice of Rolls-Royce as the make of FAB 1 was not random. Gerry Anderson, the co-creator of Thunderbirds, said that he wanted a car that matched Lady Penelope’s personality and role in International Rescue. He approached Rolls-Royce Limited, which agreed to let him use its brand and even supplied a radiator grille with a Spirit of Ecstasy figure for the model.

The design of FAB 1 was done by Derek Meddings, who gave it an “outrageous styling” that was unlike any real-life Rolls-Royce. He said that he placed two sets of wheels at the front for aesthetic reasons, not technical ones. He also added some colorful details to contrast with the pink body of the car.

Two models of FAB 1 were built for filming: a small one and a large one that could fit the puppet characters. The large model was very expensive and elaborate, with functional steering and headlamps. It was also very secure, as it was the most valuable prop in the series. It was used for close-ups and action scenes, such as shooting machine guns or driving on water.

FAB 1 became one of the most popular and memorable elements of Thunderbirds. It was also compared to the Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond films, which had similar weapons and gadgets. FAB 1 was not only a car, but a character in its own right. It was a symbol of elegance, sophistication and adventure. It was truly fabulous.


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