Big Apple Beats: The Project that Visualizes New York’s Sound Culture

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Retoka Studio and Ruben Alvarez present Big Apple Beats, a project that turns New York City’s sounds into 3D visuals. Using photos of the city’s lights and digital effects, they make shapes and colors that look like music equalizers. They want to show the diversity and energy of New York’s sound culture.

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Big Apple Beats lets viewers see sound as vibrant visuals. Retoka Studio and Ruben® use photos and digital effects to make images that have energy and rhythm. The colors and shapes reflect the sound of the city, making viewers feel its emotions.

Big Apple Beats is special because it mixes photos and digital effects. The photos make the images realistic, while the digital effects make them fantastic. The images are a mix of real and abstract, showing the sound of New York. The artists pay attention to detail and make sound into shape and color.

Retoka Studio and Ruben® protect their work from artificial intelligence (AI). They say that they don’t use AI and that no one can use their images without permission, even AI algorithms. This protects their artistic vision and makes their work exclusive.

Big Apple Beats is a project that shows the sound of New York City as 3D visuals. Retoka Studio and Ruben® use photos and digital effects to make colorful and bold images that have the beat and flow of the city. The images make viewers feel the culture of New York through its sound. The artists protect their work from AI, making it unique.


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