This Artist Pushes the Limits of Photography and Raises Awareness about Our Planet

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Have you ever seen a photograph that made you gasp and wonder how it was made? Chances are, it was taken by Benjamin Von Wong, a Canadian photographer who creates stunning images with a purpose. He is not just an artist, but also an activist who uses his skills to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Benjamin Von Wong is known for his extreme and elaborate shots that push the boundaries of photography. He also has a passion for telling stories that matter, using his images to convey powerful messages about the state of our planet. He shares his final works on social media, but he also gives us a glimpse into his creative process, revealing the hard work and teamwork that goes into his amazing photoshoots. Let’s take a look at some of his works and some behind-the-scenes images that show us how he makes magic happen.”

More: Benjamin Von Wong, Instagram, 500px h/t: demilked


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