“Pencil Vs Camera”: Artist Ben Heine Creates Surreal and Stunning Images with Photography and Illustration

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed photography and illustration in one artwork? Well, Ben Heine has the answer for you. He is the creator of the amazing series “Pencil Vs Camera”, where he combines his two passions in a stunning way.

In his works, he holds a hand-drawn sketch in front of a real scene, creating a striking contrast and a surreal effect. He carefully aligns the lines and shapes of the drawing with the background, making them look like they belong together. He also adds his own personal touch and stories to each piece, reflecting his cultural background and life experiences. His work has been praised worldwide, and it has inspired many art educators to try new techniques.

He explains his creative process: “I take a photo in that location with my hand holding the drawing and doing all the necessary adjustments on site (make the connections and lines match between the drawing and the photo). I sometimes do many trials and errors because I need to adjust the distance between the drawing and the main background, between the drawing and the camera lens, change the depth of field so that both layers are sharp, not blurred, etc.”

More: Ben Heine, Flickr, Instagram h/t: boredpanda


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