Artist Marissa Napoletano Blends Realism and Fantasy in Her Stunning Paintings of Goddesses

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Marissa Napoletano, also known as Revery Art, is a Denver based illustrator and muralist who has a unique style of painting goddess-like females in a mixture of realism and fantasy. Her work is influenced by classical renaissance and contemporary art, and it shows her fascination with the subconscious mind and the connection between human and nature.

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Marissa says that her paintings are inspired by a hazy state of existence, somewhere in between reality and dream space. She says that this is where her imagination can go without any limits or boundaries. She uses vibrant colors, intricate details, and symbolic elements to express her vision and emotions.

Marissa has been painting since she was a child, and she has experimented with different subjects and mediums over the years. She says that she has become more focused and cohesive in her approach, and that she has found her niche in combining human and nature elements. She says that she draws inspiration from mythology, folklore, spirituality, psychology, and personal experiences.

Marissa’s paintings are not only beautiful to look at, but also meaningful and thought-provoking. She says that she hopes that her work will inspire people to tap into their own creativity and intuition, and to appreciate the beauty and mystery of life.

“I want my work to make people feel something, whether it’s curiosity, wonder, joy, or even sadness,” she says. “I want my work to be a catalyst for self-reflection and exploration.”


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