Cristina BanBan and the Not So Simple “FIGURA” @ Perrotin, Tokyo

Source Juxtapoz Magazine – Juxtapoz Magazine – Home 

As I was looking at the new works of Cristina BanBan, the Winter cover artist who seems to be entering an even newwer phase of experimentation with her figurative works, I was showstopped by the two large works on paper, one ink and charcoal and one pastel and charcoal. FIGURA is her newest solo show, on view now at Perrotin, Tokyo and another stunning display. But these two works especially. I remember BanBan telling us in her cover feature, “Painting is very intuitive for me, so adding color and thinking about balance in the palette, composition and weight just comes very naturally. A drawing is much more predetermined, as it is the skeleton of the painting.” This a revelation, as…

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