Ronit Baranga’s Artistic Journey from Craft to Art in the Bizarre World of Ceramics

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Ronit Baranga (previously featured), an artist known for her provocative sculptures, captivates viewers with her mischievous and playful creations.

Her unique style involves imbuing everyday objects with human features, giving them a new identity and transforming them into characters that tell their own intriguing stories. While initially focused on ceramics, Baranga has expanded her artistic practice to include various other figurative works, bringing forth an age-old question of art versus craft.

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Baranga’s sculptures immediately catch the eye with their probing tongues and wandering fingers. Through her skillful manipulation, she breathes life into ordinary items, granting them agency beyond their intended purposes. Tea sets become surreal crockery, where plates, cups, and milk jugs transcend their utilitarian roles and evolve into active agents capable of shaping their own identities. In this way, Baranga blurs the boundaries between craft and art, challenging traditional notions and inviting viewers to reconsider the inherent possibilities of everyday objects.


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