“Don’t disturb me, I’m blooming” is the Photosynthesis of Fátima de Juan

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It is a sunny Saturday morning, in the middle of my summer vacation. I go into the garden. Here I am: “Don’t disturb me, I’m blooming”. This is a moment of metamorphosis in which the body is impregnated with energy and everything becomes an explosion of nature wrapped in vibrant colors and intoxicating aromas. The works presented by artist Fátima de Juan (Juxtapoz Spring 2023 Cover artist) trigger dreamlike sensations, memories. Room 1 at L21 Barcelona embraces us and transports us to the chapter “Trees and flowers” of the “Silly Symphonies” (Disney, 1932). It makes us travel to Wonderland (Lewis Carroll, 1865). For this project, Fátima de Juan transforms the exhibition space into a fresh setting, with dreamy smells and…

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