Dan Lam’s Radiant Otherworldly Sculptures Evoke Interstellar Phenomena in ‘Cosmic Shake’

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“Waxing.” All images © Dan Lam, courtesy of Chefas Projects, shared with permission

Oozing over the edges of shelves and dolloping tendrils across flat surfaces, Dan Lam’s vibrant sculptures (previously) play with form and space. Using polyurethane foam, epoxy resin, and acrylic, the Dallas-based artist makes otherworldly sculptures that appear like alien substances from outer space, apropos to the pieces in her upcoming solo exhibition, Cosmic Shake. 

The artist created 52 new works for the show at Chefas Projects with galactic titles like “Dark Side,” “Waxing,” and “Stellar Wind” that glob and bubble in saturated color gradients and textures. She continues to play with new shapes, sizes, and patterns. I have discovered that experimenting with scale has altered my approach to materials,” Lam tells Colossal. “This shift has presented new challenges to overcome, but it also leads to new opportunities. Recently, I have been exploring different textures and methods of paint application.”

Cosmic Shake is on view from July 7 through August 5 in Portland, Oregon. Lam has also installed her largest piece to date in the newest Meow Wolf location in Grapevine, Texas, which opens July 14. Find more on the artist’s website and Instagram.


“Dark Side”

“Stellar Wind”


Left: “Zero.” Right: “Nova”


“Synchronous Rotation”


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